Wanted:  A Few Good Listeners!

  • How do we identify people’s real needs around security and the cost of war?
  • How do the voices of the people get heard?

Delaware County Wage Peace & Justice is undertaking a Listening Project, based on the principle that the agenda for change should come from the people, rather than reflect only the thinking of leaders.  There is confusion about the November election and what people in the U.S. really think. Please note Delcoe Wage Peace Justice can only work with support by our members. We can accept your donations with paypal or credit card. For Credit card donations please visit our secure payment gateway. 

Once trained, each participant will seek out a diverse set of individuals in our community and listen--to their hopes, fears, beliefs, and values surrounding issues of security, both national and personal.  We will carry with us questions to elicit people’s thinking.  We will assemble the results from all the listening sessions, make them available to the community, and use them to shape our future work for peace and justice.

The first group of 24 listeners was trained on Saturday, January 8th and each individual will listen to at least 5 people prior to March 15.

Training for additional listeners is planned; if you are interested in participating, contact Sue Edwards as soon as possible to be notified of the next training.

For more information, call
Delaware County Wage Peace & Justice (DCWPJ) at

610-891-6614 or email us at contact@delcowagepeacejustice.org

Listening Links:

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P O Box 1791 - Media, PA 19063 - 610-891-6614

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