Minutes Delco Wage Peace & Justice

General Meeting

Friday, April 2, 2004


The following members were present: Sue Edwards, Robin Lasersohn, Lana Riley-Brown, Melinda, Terry Rumsey, Rich Schonwald, Roger Balson, Tom, Bob Bohne, Duane Hardy, Joy Rose, Annie Geers, Holley Webster, Marj Fulmer



Welcome [Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn]


Review Agenda/Review Decision making process and tone for the meeting

Recruit volunteers to keep us on time/to keep notes for the meeting


Terry presented statistical information on voter demographics as they pertained to Delaware County. Who is most likely, least likely to vote based on income, gender and race.


Robin presented an overview of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy including dates, outreach, proposed budget and fundraising plan.


Terry and Robin did a short role play illustrating a practical method of voter registration, and likely public responses.


Some suggestions included:


The reminder of the meeting focused on a brainstorm of ideas for future monthly meetings.


Political Theatre

Parents who want their son to return from Iraq


Neglect of Afghanistan

Guantanamo Bay

Strategic/tactical issues

9-11 suit

Protection against terrorism

Raging Grannies

No child left behind

Sponsoring organizations


Festival decorations

List of Fox advertisers to boycott

Listening project




Discussion on the possibility that WPJ sponsor a longer program on Iraq, or other issues that might warrent that type of event. It was suggested that Democracy UnPlugged might co-sponsor


Save the Date Ð August 29th Say ÒNOÓ to Bush.

Decision was reached to turn out 2 buses to NYC





Terry gave a report on Building Bridges for Peace

Robin gave a report on Dover to DC, Dover segment

Bob Bohne gave a report the the DC segment

Sue Edwards gave a report on the March 20th rally/march in NYC


Next meeting:  Friday, May 7th will preview the upcoming 2nd annual Peace Festival