Delaware County

Wage Peace & Justice

P.O. Box 1791   Media, PA  19063-1791



AGENDA:  June 4, 2004

[Developed by Roger Balson, Bob Bohne, Sue Edwards, Marj Fulmer, Robin Lasersohn, and Terry Rumsey]



á      Welcome [Roger Balson and Sue Edwards]

á      Introductions

á      Review Agenda / Review decision-making process and tone for the meeting

á      Approve Minutes

á      Recruit volunteers to keep us on time / to keep minutes of the meeting


á      Presentations and Question / Answer on Israel Ð Palestine [Linda Hanna and Susan Landau]  [40]


Linda and Susan combined personal testimony, historical information, and dramatic images of IsraelÕs security wall as a challenge to Israeli and US government policy in the region.


á      Financial and Fundraising Report  [Terry] [20]


See written financial report.  Awaiting word on a grant request for $10,000 from the Funding Exchange is support of the voter drive.


á      June 5th Campaign for Peace & Democracy Voter Registration Drive [Robin] [10]


First voter registration volunteer day announced.  Expecting about 30 people.


á      August 29th Buses to NYC for RNC [Lana] [10]


Contact Lana to buy bus tickets ($20)


á      Listening Project Proposal [Sue] [20]


Sue Edwards presented a proposal for WPJ to conduct a listening project after the election in which WPJ members would go out in pairs and interview members of the community about their views on war and peace, terrorism, security, Iraq, etc.  To goal is to listen to people whom we donÕt usually hear from in order to better inform our work.  (See written proposal for more information)  Individuals volunteered to serve on a planning committee.



á      June 29th Democracy Unplugged Event [Roger] [10]


Iraq forum in debate format entitled ÒIraq:  Where do we go from here?Ó was announced.  We were reminded that John Grant will be representing WPJ and Veterans for Peace.  We agreed to mail a postcard to our members to aid turnout and to set up an outreach table at the event.


á      June 26th DCWPJ Summer Retreat at Pendle Hill [Marj] [10]


Strategic planning retreat was announced.  We agreed to change the timing of the day so that the segment open to all members precedes and informs the segment for Coordinating Committee members.  Ideas for focus (skills-building?  Analysis? Strategy?) were solicited; CC agreed to determine agenda.


á      August 7th DCWPJ Picnic (in lieu of Aug. monthly meeting) [Robin] [10]


á      Announcements (brief and to the point)


á      Next meeting July 2, 2004