Delaware County Wage Peace & Justice
Coordinating Committee Meeting

Notes of Decisions in Italics (prepared by Robin)

  • Check In
  • Volunteer to take minutes
    We agreed that we should begin to keep simple notes of CC decisions and include them in an organizational binder, and perhaps on the website, so that they can be accessed by members.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    We have approximately $800. Marj will prepare a year-end financial report for the general meeting. Marj will look into on-line banking.
  • Fundraising Report
    We empowered Terry to submit grant proposals according to the grant schedule he prepared. Sue may want to help. We discussed a proposal to begin saving a portion of all grant money raised toward hiring a staff person. We agreed to recommend hiring a part-time staff person by 2004. We agreed to postpone making the savings proposal until after we had the first grant money in hand.
  • Bread & Roses Award! (How to use it to energize and build our group)
    We agreed to put out a fundraising appeal to the entire list citing the award. Terry will write the letter and the CC will review it. We decided to announce a mailing party for January 28, 7 p.m. at the Peace Center.
  • Organizational Updates / Issues
    • Telephone – Terry change service; DCWPJ (Marj) pay partial bills
      Terry will change phone service to cheaper base charge and WPJ will start paying the bills. Robin and Terry will determine whether their internet dial-up service adds to the cost of maintaining the phone line; if it does, they will contribute that amount to WPJ to offset the expense.
    • Logo—where are we?
      Marj will go ahead and get it printed.
    • Website
      Robin will e-mail Marj the mission statement to publish on the homepage. Terry will work on revising the history. We agreed to ask the working groups and the coalition to prepare monthly updates of dates/activities for the website.
    • Intern (if we get $)—do what, for how much pay
      Elizabeth has told Terry she is interested in serving as the WPJ intern until her stay at Pendle Hill is done in June. We agreed to offer her $125 per month for approximately 8 hours of work per week. If she is willing, Robin will supervise her and help identify and prioritize tasks. All work requests will go through Robin. We identified some basic tasks: data entry, website updates, phone calls, minutes, records maintenance, grant research, organizing our stuff at the Peace Center
  • Discuss Working Groups—updates, health of groups
    • Political & Legislative Action
      Robin will schedule a meeting. Terry and Sue agreed to meet with Suzanne and the rabbi she recommended. Tom, Robin, and hopefully Suzanne will meet to develop the full-page ad design/text.
    • Chester Alliance
      We agreed to shift to referring to and thinking of this as the Peace in the Streets…Peace on Earth coalition. It is still parallel to the working groups in the sense that it is a program area that members can choose to work in. We discussed its possible evolution in relation to WPJ, especially in regard to fundraising and finances.
    • Community Education
      Terry and Sue agreed to set up a meeting with Pat and Dan to discuss the health/needs of the working group.
    • Any others needed? (e.g., Arts)
      We agreed to float the idea of an arts working group to see whether anyone else wants to take it up.
    • Facilitation to achieve full participation—reading handout from Robin, discuss next CC meeting
      Robin will copy and distribute the chapters on group process and problem solving from the facilitators handbook and get them to CC members at the general meeting. We will discuss them at the next CC meeting.
  • Discuss regional , state, national coalitions
    • PRAWN meeting Jan. 9; connecting with Chester County peace movement
      Marj will try to go to the PRAWN meeting, even though it conflicts with the WILPF board meeting. Robin will call Amy and ask her to consider representing WPJ at the PRAWN meetings also. Terry will contact the leader of the Chester County group.
    • State coalition update
      We are waiting to respond to other leadership on this.
    • Washington D.C. Jan. 18; United for Peace
      We will announce information on Chester County and ANSWER buses. We will pitch United for Peace at the next meeting.
    • Discuss special presentations at upcoming general meetings
      January – NV Peaceforce (Marj?) Marj has arranged the speaker
      February – We agreed to focus on North Korea. Marj will contact AFSC
      March – Del. Co. student organizing (Elizabeth & Terry)
      When? – Zakiya arrange presentation on Islam Terry will contact Zakiya about coordinating this either in April or later in the year.
      We discussed having a focus on civil liberties. Robin suggested that we frame it in terms of what the movement is doing, not just on how horrible everything is. After we know when Zakyiya wants to do the focus on Islam, Terry will contact ACLU.
  • Discuss Sue’s proposal for a Listening Project
    Sue indicated that WILPF might be the better home for this project, as it corresponds with WILPF’s national program.
  • Discuss leadership development within DCWPJ
    We tabled this topic.
  • Consider an all-day retreat for DCWPJ (Terry)
    We chose Saturday, March 15 as a date with an optional social event the Friday before.
  • Agenda for Jan. 3 general meeting
    We planned the agenda and Sue will prepare it.
  • Other CC agenda items?
    We planned the facilitation schedule for the next several meetings: Jan. Marj & Terry, Feb. Marj & Sue, March Sue & Elizabeth, April Robin & Terry.