Delaware County Wage Peace & Justice

Coordinating Committee Meeting


Notes of Decisions in Italics (prepared by Elizabeth)

         Marj reported that we have $770 in the bank plus some deposits.

         We agreed write a thank-you note to Mark Horowitz for printing our letterhead and envelopes for free. Terry will write a letter of intent to the Peace Development Fund for a grant for Peace in the Streets coalition.

         Marj will pay the DCWPJ phone bill beginning this month.

 We will tell people when we pass around sign-in lists to give us their email address if they are not receiving our emails.

We decided to make immediate outreach calls or emails to new people on our list Ð to tell them thanks and let them know of opportunities with DCWPJ.

We agreed to come up with a standard reply for requests for information (what we do, when we meet, our web address).

Marj will change the ÔcontactÕ link on our website to the hotmail address Elizabeth created (

Marj will check if our list-serve emails say how to unsubscribe.

We will leave folks on our mailing list who live outside of DelCo unless they ask to be removed.

We will keep an eye on which mailing addresses come back to us as incorrect from our fundraising mailing.

Marj is going to take up the effort to consolidate all of the email addresses we use to communicate to the list by trying to hook us all up to the contact@delco address. 

Elizabeth will send out a second email asking only-email folks for more contact information, if they donÕt respond she will delete them from the filemaker database but leave them on the riseup list.

Part of ElizabethÕs February focus will be updating the website with current info on the working groups and Peace in the Streets Coalition.

Terry will work on updating the ÔhistoryÕ section.

Marj will look into how to add an Òupdated onÓ field to the site.

The leaders of working groups will send Elizabeth updates to the account.

We will ask at the next meeting and during our phone-calling drive if anyone would like to be on a team of DCWPJ photographers.

Marj will bring her digital camera to the next general meeting but will look into buying one for the group.

Our outreach plan will involve sending a kick-off mailing with lots of info about our group and upcoming events/meetings (contact info, working group info, vigils, etc) to our members who have only snail-mail addresses.

Elizabeth will work out the dates that should be on the mailing and Terry will help to write it. After this large mailing, we will send quarterly postcards listing our meeting dates, vigils dates, etc.

We will also involve as many members as possible in making phone calls to our entire membership list. Terry will work on the script for this, but generally the calls will be to get feedback from our members and invite greater participation. Elizabeth will divide our list into groups of ten numbers to be passed around at our upcoming February general meeting.

At some point we would like to compile a list of progressive churches and organizations in Delaware County.

We will present one or two organizational projects at each meeting and ask for membersÕ help in carrying them out.

Elizabeth will glean the minutes and talk with Robin about priorities for February.

At the next Peace Center General meeting, Terry and Robin will bring up the possibility of purchasing an indoor/outdoor sound system for Brandywine, the Peace Center, and DCWPJ to share.

The agenda for our all-day retreat could include a speaker, leadership development, communication issues, outreach and electoral politics.

A committee will be set up to set the agenda for the all-day retreat. People at the general meeting will be asked to participate.

The committee will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 11th at 7pm at the Peace Center.

We will put leadership/activist skills-building activities into our general meetings and also create a day of skills-building workshops to increase the confidence and abilities of our members. Such a workshop will be included in our all day retreat.

Elizabeth will put our mailing list onto a disk for Bread and Roses to use in selling tickets to the tribute.

The CC members will put together lists of friends and family who would probably buy a line in the eventÕs bulletin.

Terry will compile a list of 20 possible sponsors for the event from our mailing list.

Robin will look into how DCWPJ can buy an ad in the School in Rose ValleyÕs arts ball bulletin.

We decided to focus on recruiting people into our existing working groups (especially Political and Legislative Action) rather than creating any new ones (an Environmental working group had been proposed).

Elizabeth will work on getting SPAC and other Swarthmore campus peace groups to come out for the March meeting and she will get one of their members on the student activist panel.

She will call the student from West Chester and invite him to the meeting.

Sue and Terry will talk with Zaichya about her imam who is to speak at the April meeting. In May we will focus on activist skill building.


DCWPJ will form a feeder march for the Feb. 15 International Day of Protest to the State building in Philly.

Where we will begin the feeder march is something we need to work out.

Elizabeth will work on getting quotes for a school bus to drive DCWPJ folks to the march.

We will send out a postcard advertising the bus.

Elizabeth will talk with Terry about how to organize this and Marj and Robin will also help.

Sue will place an ad in the Swarthmorean about the march.

PA Citizen Action Network

DCWPJ will endorse the March 1st statewide conference on building the peace movement organized by PACAN. We will publicize the conference at our next meeting.

United for Peace/National Movement

For now, PRAWN is our connection to the national and international movement.