Monthly Meeting of Delaware County Wage Peace & Justice
June 6, 2003

[No monthly meetings for July & August.]
(As per the agenda.)

National UPJ Convention: 2 Delco representatives there, "live update" at meeting

Some feelings/thoughts about the Walk and Rally:

- overall tone was full of hope

- participants and speakers were knowledgeable

- it is important to note the global support behind the event

- "excellent" and "powerful" (etc.)

- particularly significant because "it was here" in "our backyard"

- it was a good opportunity for participants to act (not just talk) and be prominent

- great to see the number of people

- fabulous planning, cohesive and coherent event, work

Delco Daily Times Editorial and Response

[Editorial is ridiculous but provides grounds for starting a good debate, continuing dialogue, getting coverage. At least ten people have already written responses, none published so far. Many at meeting offered to write letters addressing specific points as proposed below.]


   1. Draw attention to Weldon's ties to defense contracts/companies

   2. Address the venomous and angry tone of the editorial itself.

   3. Issue: How did we "win" the Cold War?

   4. Issue: Is the war over?  What about rebuilding?  (State of endless war.)

   5. Stress the NONVIOLENT means.  The event was peaceful.  Nothing like Seattle.

   6. US nuclear weapons.

   7. Addressing Weldon's current "peace mission"

   8. Are we at peace?  There's no war going on??

    (Addressing how the peace movement is "not necessary.")

   9. Lack of debate in general about the issue.

   10. Angle: "Unreasonable people" versus "unreasonable" everything else.

   11. Considering whether it is worth a response at all.

Working Group Reports:

1. Political & Legislative Action

   - Next meeting on July 7 at 7:00 p.m.

   - Anyone want to take on voter registration activism?

   - Anyone want to do work concerning immigrant rights, civil liberties, etc.?

2. Community Education needs a chair or two. (A plea.)

   - We need to do more with faith communities

   - Reverend Bob Edgar will be coming to Delaware County on March 14, 2003.

   - Faith organizing meeting: June 30, Union United Methodist Church: 200 Brookline, 7:00

3. Peace in the Streets

   - Chester, African-American outreach, active.

   - Part-time staff person to be hired.

   - Member of coalition (Islam component) has decided to leave.

   - Grant application to Peace Development Fund submitted.

Delco Wage Peace & Justice Retreat

   - July 12, 9:00 - 4:00, will set direction for 2003-2004

   - June 16 planning meeting for retreat Ð Wallingford's Pendle Hill (sp?)

Delco Wage Peace & Justice Picnic: August 2, Westtown Lake

Requests for Endorsement and Participation (endorsements granted by consensus)

- Peace Festival of Delaware County (endorsed)

- July 4 Action in Philadelphia (endorsed, Delco will participate as a group)

- Brandywine Interfaith Event (endorsed, outreach discussed)

- Chester County Peace Picnic Ð evening of Saturday, June 21, all invited

Administrative Changes: Marge to take over on June 15, 8 hours a month job


1. July 4 action: National Protest at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

   - Delco to go as group on train.

   - Various events: rally, march, etc. July 3, July 4

     Interfaith vigil & candlelight procession, Sunday, July 6

2. Good Schools: Stand for Children Rally, June 17, Harrisburg, ask for details

3. Whole Steps Toward Peace Tour (coming to Delco on Thursday, June 19)

Details at www.uucdc.org, hotline 610-527-8597, general info www.mpeband.com.

4. Lansdowne Resolution passed.  (response to Patriot Act)

5. Moveon.org organizing partner interviews to get feedback from peace community.

6. Delco Poets Against the War meeting Friday, June 13, 7:00 p.m.

7. Sunday at 2:00: art session, come if you can

8. First Annual Delaware County Peace Festival Ð Saturday, June 14, details coming