Minutes Delco Wage Peace & Justice

General Meeting

Friday, February 6, 2004


Present: Robin Lasersohn, Terry Rumsey, Sue Edwards, Rich Shoenwald, Duane Hardy, Wanda Moore, Holly Webster, Bill Thomas, Jay McGinley, Carol Seeley, Marjorie Fulmer, Bob Bonet, Elizabeth Lutz, Yoko Nishimura, Caroline McHugh, Chris McHugh


Welcome [Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn]


Review Agenda/Review Decision making process and tone for the meeting

Recruit volunteers to keep us on time/to keep notes for the meeting


Workshop with Sue Edwards: Crafting Positive Messages {45}


We met in small groups to discuss the positive aspects of WPJÕs message, then the small groups shared their findings


Good News! Delco WPJ Receives Bread and Roses Community Fund Grant. [5]

Delco WPJ in The News: Chester Walk, Presidential Forum, War Foes Vindicated. [5]


March 20th ÒThe World Still Says No to WarÓ [10]

            Delco Bus to UFPJ March & Rally in New York

            Philadelphia Event


WPJ agreed last month to sponsor a bus to NYC to participate Bus to NYC Ð

$20. RT for the regional national event

As information becomes available about the Philadelphia event we will add this information to our flyer.


March 14th & 14th Dover to DC [ Request for Endorsement] [10]


WPJ agrees to endorse.


Reports [30]


Peace in the Streets, Peace on Earth

PSPE report by Wanda Moore

á      There is a core group of 14-15 people that has Òtaken offÓ.

á      Pendle Hill social concern speakers are being brought to Chester to interact with small group. 

á      PS response to violence sponsored a ÒWitness for PeaceÓ walk from Chester HS to the murder site. The group determined that each time there is a murder in the city of Chester a similar Walk will follow.

á      Alternatives to Violence program is being brought to the community



Building Bridges for Peace

With Rev. Bob Edgar,General Secretary of the National Council of Churches,  Saturday March 13, 2004 at Drexel Hill United Methodist Church 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Flyers are available and information is on our Website


Political and Legislative

The Political Forum was a success and attracted new individuals to the event.

The voter registration committee is meeting regularly on the 3rd  Thursday of each month at the Peace Center and plans are underway to visit four selected lower income communities in the fall.


Kickoff of 1002 campaign

The request letter and return card with envelope will be printed later this month, and mailed early in March. Two members have already submitted their sustainer contribution.


Coordinating Committee Proposal: New Interim Treasurer/Need to recruit full time Treasurer [5]

Terry Rumsey will serve as the interim treasurer.


Next meeting:  Friday, March 5th: John Grant, President of Veterans for Peace [Philadelphia Area], will present.  John is filming a documentary about Iraq under occupation and has visited the country three times this year.